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What is acma all about?

It's about the music and those who create it.  It's about Country and Red Dirt Music.  It's about National Independent Artists, Musicians and Songwriters.  It's about the Live Music Venues, the Radio Stations and Media, the Agents, Promoters, Producers and Studios.  It's about the Fans and reaching them on an effective broader scale.  It's about everyone who touches the National Independent Country and Red Dirt industry.  That's the American Country Music Association.

The American Country Music Association was developed and patterned after our sister organization, the highly thriving Texas Country Music Association using its well established and highly successful mission, processes, resources and programs to take Independent Country & Red Dirt Music to a whole new level.   Please considering becoming an ACMA Member now.

It's your organization

Everything ACMA does and will do in the future is to help support and promote everyone who touches the Independent Country & Red Dirt Music scene from coast to coast and abroad.   So whether you are an artist, musician, songwriter, venue, media partner, agent, manager, producer, studio, fan or touch this industry in any way, you are invited to join.  You are needed to join.  We can't do it without the support of those who are involved in and understand the passion of the Independent Country & Red Dirt Music scene.

what we do

The American Country Music Association's Members, Directors and Advisory Council Members work together to consistently assist, promote and support the National Independent Music Industry and everyone in it in every aspect possible.  By partnering together, ACMA Members have helped to develop many resources, programs and outlets to promote the National Independent Country & Red Dirt music scene and all involved.

We consistently and methodically share ACMA Member's social media pages, posts, music, events and services.

something for everyone

Whether you are an artist, songwriter, musician, venue, media, management, promoter, producer, studio, fan or have another business our outlet that touches the National Independent Country & Red Dirt music industry, we have you covered.

All ACMA Members receive their own custom page to share their content, photos, music links and descriptions, plus access to every resource and program we have developed to advance your brand.


The American Country Music Chart is LIVE.

To view this week's chart and find out more visit www.americancountrychart.com.  Radio stations can request to be on the monitored panel by emailing acma@americancma.com or completing the RADIO DATA FORM.

Currently released singles can be submitted now by visiting www.americancountrychart.com and using the SUBMIT NEW MUSIC button from the top menu.

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