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ACMA To Support Independent National Country and Red Dirt Music Industry

FORT WORTH, TX (October 4, 2022) – The American Country Music Association announced today their launch as the organization that will promote and support the Independent Country and Red Dirt Music artists and others in the industry nationwide.

The American Country Music Association was formed with the specific mission to enhance awareness of the Country and Red Dirt Music movement throughout America and the world. The organization has been designed using the highly successful processes of its sister organization, the Texas Country Music Association.

President of the American Country Music Association, Linda Wilson, who also runs TCMA, says, “Our mission is to take Independent Country and Red Dirt Music to the US and world at a whole new level using the successful practices we’ve developed over the past 12 years with TCMA. ACMA is formatted with the same pattern with some exciting extras to help promote and support everyone out there who touches the industry nationally – from the songwriters, musicians, performing artists, live music venues, media of all types, management, producers, promoters, studios, and anyone else who are stakeholders in the industry, and we do it with the primary goal of reaching fans with the awesome music our Country and Red Dirt artists have.”  She continues, “I’m grateful for all the years we’ve spent developing the Texas Country Music Association and it’s not going anywhere – as a matter of fact it’s stronger than ever. We just felt like for the benefit of all independent national artists, broadening the horizon was mandatory.”

When asked to describe “Red Dirt Music,” Wilson states, “From what I can see, many people have tried to describe it, and they’re most likely all close to correct. Red Dirt originated in Oklahoma and also includes Texas but has spread throughout the nation and around the world with a force. The style is definitely Country Music but includes many flavors and styles from straight up Country to Texas Country, Outlaw, Rock, Blues, Americana, and Folk and so much more. I believe there’s a definite unique and creative sound you can hear in it, and I know that it’s also a lifestyle. That’s why it’s so popular and why ACMA’s mission is to be a supporting organization dedicated to doing all we can to advance and energize the industry and music and all who make it, play it, and listen to it.”

According to Wilson, ACMA is a work in progress, but has already and will continue to advance quickly as the organization gains members and sponsors. “We will not be including and Awards program for a little while. It will take growing, participation, and support from others in the industry along with our members, and sponsors to get there. But it will happen. And it will be big,” she says.

For more information on how to become a sponsor to participate on an advanced level, or to join the American Country Music Association, visit their website at www.americancma.com, or email acma@americancma.com.

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